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I nuked my Amazon Wish List due to shipping problems. Here is its paltry interim replacement.

If you are trying to think of some present to get me, here's the kind of stuff I'd like, in roughly descending order of how much I'd like them:

  • Framed print or photograph that you took.
  • Other instances of your original art, writing, music recordings etc., which I can sell when you hit the big time. Just kidding. I would never part with them.
  • One of those adopt-an-animal programs where they send me a photo of the animal and then the animal writes me a thank-you letter at Christmas, or not.
  • The un-gift: come over to my apartment with a car and drag off all the crap I oughtn't own anyway, to clear room for me to buy new stuff! Seriously.
  • Take some of my clothes (size 6-12, averaging 8).
  • And only slightly used beauty products. And shoes (size 8, 8 1/2)
  • Books: Ernst Haeckel, The Arcades Project, Italian Folktakes by Italo Calvino, a nice edition of Hans Christian Andersen. If you live in a Commonwealth country, please bring anything by Wendy Cope except "If I Don't Know", esp that anthology she edited (her work is unavailable here). Poems of John Wheelwright. Cannery Row. Things by Bloodaxe Books, but only the good ones.
  • Paperback chapbook of previously unpublished Toadex Hobogrammathon work, i.e. Name, a Novel or Doxo Wox, or works of Anselm Dovetonsils
  • A houseplant.
  • A terrarium (prepared and sealed). A pot of herbs from one of the greenmarkets.
  • Glo-Fish (TM).
  • Driftwood, coral, sculptures of branches.
  • Framed photo of jellyfish, walrus, diatom, starfish, Pacific coast, Ed Ricketts, Ed Ricketts laboratory. Joseph Cornell print. That sort of thing.
  • Food.
  • Kick my ass and get me to write more.
  • DVDs of: Bringing Up Baby, Marion and Geoff, Human Remains, Nighty Night, Mighty Boosh
  • Assorted foreign language books/CDs/pop music

Things I have my eye on (definitely don't buy any of this for me):

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