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Stars (processing applet)

Stars is a simple game. As your mouse moves around the screen, it creates stars. After a few seconds the stars turn into red giants and you can score points by clicking on them before they die out.

Source code
Built with Processing

Hello World source code

Here's the simplest Hello World app I could come up with. You could copy and paste the below code into a new Processing window. Then use the Sketch->Add File to load Bodoni.vlw.gz from the "fonts" subdirectory of your Processing installation, into your data folder. Finally, use the Sketch->Run command to run.

void setup()
    BFont f = loadFont("Bodoni.vlw.gz");
    textFont(f, 18);
    text("Hello World", 5, 95);

Stars screen shot

Finally, here's a screen shot of the Stars game:


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