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Pomme Frites sauce taste test

Sometime last year Lauren, Mike, Lia, Jason, three anonymous folks and myself bought one of every single sauce sold by Pommes Frites and attempted to rate them all.

Here are the tallied results, more or less.

SAFE (Everyone liked this)
Tartar sauce

COOLEST (Much loved, except for one or two naysayers)
Smoked eggplant mayo - Mike, Lia

COOL (Had at least one, maybe more passionate advocate)
Rosemary garlic mayo - Jason, Lia
Parmesan peppercorn - Geegaw
Sambal Olek (hot chili paste) - Lauren
Pesto mayo - Lia

Dill Lemon Mayo
Dijon Garlic Mustard
Mexican Ketchup
Barbecue Sauce
Frite sauce (European mayo)
Hawaiian Pineapple Mustard
Curry Ketchup Especial (frites sauce, curry ketchup, and raw onion)
Curry Sauce (hot)
Curry Sauce (mild)

Green Olive Mayo
Sweet Mango Chutney mayo

Yellow mustard

Pommes Frites is at:
123 2nd Ave
New York City, NY 10003
(2nd Ave. between 7 & 8 St.)
Tel. 212-674-1234

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