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Julie Doiron

All their broken hearts

All the rites are wrong.
They can tell something is wrong
but they don't know what that is.
They don't know what I've done
and I don't know you.

And he is not saying anything.
He is just not saying anything.
And she is just along for the party:
"How did I get so lucky?"
she says.

Nauseous from a broken heart.
These feet weigh heavy.
Doesn't matter what they said,
I just need to hear it from you.

'Cause every day is a reminder of
everything I failed
every time I look at you.
Every day is a reminder of everything I failed, every time I look at you.

Sending the Photographs
Kiss you goodbye for the last time
And I can't wait to see them
I'll send you the photographs
So you can imagine it all

Now I'm pushing my way home
I had hoped it would be all over town
And now I'm tearing off all my clothes
So you can have a good look
While you watch me through your window

But he's the best thing to happen to me
And I'm the best thing for him

Now I'm smashing all the beer bottles up
'Cause I can't stand the smell no more
And it must be some kind of joke
But I just can't drink no more

'Cause he's the best thing...

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