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How Ikuku Learned the Alphabet

The following satire is inspired by recent discussions on the use of fiction in weblogging and the fictional short story/weblog entry "Ikuko's Name."

How Ikuku Learned the Alphabet
by M. Gaw

Inside bed in John's hotel room, together we are lying. It is quiet and happy.

After some time John say to me, "Now Ikuku, it's time you learned how we round-eyes write the alphabet." He reach to take cooling pot of tea on table. Then he pour a little pool of tea on my naked tummy. I giggle. It is tickle!

He takes his finger and traces shape. "This is the letter A. Ikuku, can you say A?"

I say "Eeeei?" It is first American vowel I say to the gaijin.

* * *

We first meet in Tokyo Bubble Cafe, with my notebook, I am studying. I am not very rested today. My work today is — how is it said — is not so easy.

Of the cafe, the rest is empty. John comes in and sits on the empty chair next to me. I have never sat so close to the gaijin before. He is so tall looking! His hair is yellow like the fuzz on a baby chicken. It is kawaii!

"Me John," he says, pointing at himself.

In Chofu Prefecture High School, we all study little English. "I am Ikuku!" I reply.

He looks at me with big smile. "You Ikuku."

Here begin our lucky love story.

* * *

Soon I am reading American alphabet so quickly. I walk with bare foot around hotel room to look at John's many books of Japanese culture. He is liking my culture so much. There is famous classic I read in school, "Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon." Then there is American book for Americans liking Japan. "Memoirs of Geisha"... "Dave Barry Do Japan"... "Rising Sun"... "James Cravell: Shogun." I am not good student, because study is not very easy to me. But I know John is very good student.

* * *

John can think of many kawaii names for breasts. "Your little fortune cookies," he say, "I could just eat them up." He hold them in big American hands and say "These two, they are my double happiness." Then he sees that one is slightly bigger than the other. "This one, I'll call Otoo-san and this one can be Okaa-san," he says. This is Japanese words for Papa-san and Mama-san which he knows.

He flip me over and take one of my feet. It is tickle! I try to pull away but he holds my foot. "Ikuku, your little feet... they are so tiny," he say. Then he look sad. "I can't believe your family would bind these. My poor Ikuku."

What is 'bind these' mean?

* * *

John comes out of shower wrapped in towel. I run to him and fall to my knees.

"Oh Ikuku. You like this, don't you?"

"Hai, so desu. It have... it have taste of happy."

"Oh, Ikuku! Ikuku!"

* * *

One night we are watching TV together in hotel. On TV there is woman from Vietnam, she come to love American soldier very much. She is young prostitute and he is most favorite customer. Finally he became her boyfriend and she does not need customer any more. Happily she say to him, "Me love you long time." Music starts to play.

I turn to John with big smile and say. "Me love you long time!"

Kindly he replies, "Yes Ikuku, me love you long time too!"

* * *

"So Ikuku, what have you learned about America?"

I tell him. "America have all big car, big hamburger, Lucky Strike, Levi jean. I like my big American boyfriend John! But my favorite in America... is fleedom."

That night he show me freedom.

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