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Flying a Kite

by Joanna Newsom
from Walnut Whales

Dear charming kite,
do lightly bite
the foggy fields, the lowing lanes
the rickety roads and the kneeling planes
of lazy light
with massive might.

You dare my dream of snowy cloth
felt snap and white as albatross
is bitten by the wind and rocks
is hushed in through the clary moss
is ushered here to count his loss

My kite: pale cotton, willow cross.
It take my tattered fist
is like a catalyst
it's like a roiling, writhing wall of "has it come to this?"
If this is medicine, whoa,
it tastes like medicine.
Just help me get it in.

Flying a kite, flying a kite flying a kite...

Oh gnarly night
it's like a dogfight
it's like a catfight.
And if I could just hold you close to me, whoa
I guess I'd hold you close to me.
It's like a bullfight
and I say I'd give you a piece of my mind
but I'm giving you a piece of my mind.
You blush, big boy
How could you be so blind?

Flying a kite, flying a kite flying a kite...

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