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The FAQ, which is really more a list of just about every question anyone's ever asked, still very much under construction.

Q: What?
What is this?
Say what?
What the hell are "symptoms of a dead person"?

A: Geegaw is a weblog. That means the bulk of this website is a collection of links to a bunch of stuff I want to remember or share with others. I've been updating more or less daily since June of 1999.

Robert Burton writes, "We skim off the cream of other men's wits, pick the choice flowers of their tilled gardens to set out our own sterile plots." That quote is by way of Bhikku, another weblog.

Q: What's a "Diablo G."?

A: It's the name of my inline guestbook, which some reader dubbed "diablog" (a pun on "dialogue" and "blog"). You're not allowed to post to it unless you've promised to be nice.

Q: Is "geegaw" a made-up word?
What is a geegaw?
How do you pronounce geegaw?
How do you spell your site name?

A: "Geegaw" is a relatively rare variant of "gewgaw," which is a bona fide dictionary word meaning a thingamabob, trinket, widget, bauble, etc. It can be pronounced with either a hard or soft initial 'g'; I prefer the former.

Q: Can I use your source code?

A: Certainly, and don't bother crediting it. I cobbled it together from a bunch of places.

If you're trying to get one of those "send message" input boxes, a good freeware perl script is Matt's Formmail.

Q: Whyfor lmnyellow gone from link-list?
Why don't you have links to other websites?

A: I try not to link to really popular sites (aka "A-list webloggers") which don't need the traffic, even though I really like some of them, like Rebecca's Pocket. I don't have a link-list on the main page because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I do have a portal listing the sites that are on my mental radar, here, but it's a little messy.

Q: What does it mean when the background [of geegaw] turns black?

A: That I'm sad about something. Cf. the Smiths song, "Unloveable."

Q: Where are the images in your header from?

A: The engravings are from Webster's New International Dictionary of the English Language, 1911 (the pumping-jack, stemwinder, and Sulpher Clouded in particular). There are also some diatoms from Bhikku, scattered spunkflakes, and a photo of tardigrade legs I clipped from the most famous picture of tardigrades I know of (do a goodle search on "tardigrade" and you'll see six versions of it).

Q: Is that you?
OK, miss Geegaw, whats the deal? Are those pictures really of you? They seem to look rather different from each other...
Do you expect your humble readers to believe that you are looking up the definitions for such complex words as colubrine, avuncular, and aguine, and yet you didn't already know the definition or spelling of such a common word as cocoon? Really now, Miss Gaw...

A: No, the pictures are not of me. I took them down, anyway. Yes, I do have a pretty hard time spelling words right sometimes.

Q: [During the WTO riots] Did you riot? Are you rioting now? Is that why the site hasn't updated?

A: The site didn't update that day because I had come down with bronchitis and tried to go to work anyway and had to go home early because I was so sick. Then my bus home got stopped at Convention Center and there was tear gas on the streets and I found out that I had not brought my inhaler and somehow I walked all the way home, although I don't remember how.

Answers to questions that no one has asked:

A: Two of swords, also the nine of swords.
Yes; we've been together since 1995.
Celadon (aka wasabi green).
Maybe someday, but I never bothered to get letters of recommendation while in college, and I haven't taken the GREs yet.

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