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Comics links

A semi-structured overview of my comics experience... discoveries
  • Comics as Fine Art (yahoo club) and Jeff Levine's comics chat (UBB)
  • Sarah Dyer's web page. The creator of Action Girl reviews female action figures.
  • Lewis Trondheim. Trondheim is French, { therefore, but still } stylish, unpretentious, hilarious-- my recommendation is that you buy everything of his you can get out here.
  • Interview of Jerome Charyn (who might as well be French; author of the Magician's Wife which got the grand prize at Angouleme) focusing on his transition from writing novels to writing for comics.
  • Meltdown Comics (7529 Sunset Blvd, LA)-- IMHO the best comics store on both coasts.
  • Chris Propost's pleasantly rambling overview of underground comics.

    recently read
    Rating system: highest score is 8, median score across the genre is 2
  • Stan Sakai: Space Usagi (5/10)
  • David Lasky: Boom Boom (the one about Nora Joyce) (7/10)
  • Chris Ware: Acme Novelty Library #14 (7/10)
  • Lewis Trondheim: Amour et intérim (9/10) (Note: I'm biased in my evaluations of Trondheim's work because I speak absolutely zero French)
  • Lewis Trondheim: Ordinateur mon ami (7/10)
  • Lewis Trondheim: Lapinot T.0: Slaloms (8/10)
  • Lewis Trondheim: Non, non, non (5/10)
  • Lewis Trondheim: Les Aventures de l'univers (6/10)
  • Brian Biggs: Frederick and Eloise (6/10)
  • Stan Sakai: Usagi Yojimbo (books 4, 6) (6/10)
  • Grant Morrison: Invisibles (vol. 2) (5/10)
  • Scott McCloud: Zot (vol. 1) (3/10)
  • Peter Bagge: Studs Kirby: Voice of America (6/10)
  • David Choe: Slow Jams (8.1/10)
  • Chris Oliveros: The Envelope Manufacturer (4/10)
  • Chester Brown: The Little Man (6/10)
  • Pete Sickman-Garner: Hey Mister Celebrity Roast (6/10)
  • Chris Ware: Acme Novelty #13 (8/10)
  • Evan Dorkin: Hectic Planet (7/10)
  • Donna Barr's Stinz (7/10)
  • Ariel Schrag: Definition (6/10)
  • Shane Simmons: The Long and Unlearned Life of Roland Gethers (5/10)
  • Peter Hoey as seen in Blab #9

  • ACME Novelty Library (Chris Ware)
  • Krazy Kat (George Herriman)
  • Little Nemo in Slumberland (Winsor McKay)

  • The Comics Journal, a snotty, self-described "arts-first" magazine on comics published by...
  • Fantagraphic Books, "Publishers of the world's greatest cartoonists."
  • Drawn and Quarterly, Canadian publisher specializing in autobiography/confessional
  • The Words and Pictures Museum, which closed before I could go to it, but is opening Jan 1, 2000 as an "all-virtual" exclusively online presence.
  • When it comes to the roots of formal comics theory, Scott McCloud literally wrote the book. The only book, that is.
  • Nextplanetover.com, online comics retailer with an unpredictable selection.

    things to consider in looking at a comic
    (possibly condescending, but a helpful initial aid)
  • What kind of media is the artist using? How does that answer change as the artist tries to portray different situations or moods?
  • How does the author choose to draw? What's the interaction between lights and shadows?
  • How is detail expressed? Are characters' faces more detailed? Are landscapes?
  • Does the artist intend to be more realistic (like a photograph) or symbolic (like a cartoon)?
  • Get a sense of how the panels fit together on the page

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