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Brooklyn realtors

Having just completed a backbreaking apartment search in the dead of winter, I thought I'd share some of the information I compiled. Hopefully this will save somebody some work.

Warren Lewis - a small, independent Brooklyn-centric realty. Ivette at Warren Lewis was the first and the coolest broker I went to. They charged 12% of the first year's rent and had a good selection of apartments in the funkier Fifth Avenue neighborhood, they just didn't have anything of the particular kind I was looking for, but I would go back to them anytime.

The Corcoran group - after I ran out of Warren Lewis listings, I came here, hypnotized by their glitzy and totally safe posh-looking office. Cindy was the agent who got us our apartment. She was awesome, efficient, and responsive and I have the feeling she sells a lot of apartments. They have a good handle on the gentrified areas of town.

The full broker list:

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