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A Few No-Fee Manhattan Landlords Online

Here's a short and obviously incomplete list of companies I was able to find that own multiple buildings in Manhattan and post their vacancies online. Even though I ended up getting my apartment through a broker, I found this kind of useful. To compile this list, basically I went to Craigslist and searched for apartments for sale by owner, then checked out the website of the owners. You can probably find more that way. Also I searched on Googe for "landlords" and one or two of the company names below, and I would often find a list of landlords including other names on the list - you could try that too. The other thing I did was call my friends' landlords to ask about vacancies directly.
  • Abington Properties - posh apartments downtown
  • Bettina Equities - kind of spendy
  • Ebehart Brothers aka http://eberhart.dominohosting.biz/ - they have a nice office on the upper east side with a red door, but their vacancies seem to go fast
  • General Property - very sketchy site, so I never contacted them.
  • No Fee Rentals, aka Jakobson Properties - we know this site because someone we know got an apartment in one of these buildings through a broker. They have tons of very affordable but cramped downtown apartments
  • Sirkin Realty - very nice people with affordable but low-rent properties. I ran into other Craigslist people while scoping out these places, but never saw anyone actually sign a lease.

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