A collection of longer articles follows. Many of them not written by me.

Excerpt from: Creating Short Fiction   >   Excerpt from a book by Damon Knight
Toward An Impure Poetry   >   Famous essay by Pablo Neruda
Sleepless in Iowa and Seattle   >   An article on Howard Dean by Vermont political columnist Peter Freyne.
Conan's Commencement Speech   >   Conan O'Brien's Commencement Speech to the Harvard Class of 2000.
Scoops From the Tide Pools   >   An essay by Helen Vendler on Mark Ford.

Original writing
Geegaw.com readers' favorite poems   >   A list of lists from some really great people.
The Door to Learning   >   Tiny, blurry photos of the Brooklyn Public Library
Detuning the Blue Guitar   >   A newbie's take on Wallace Stevens' The Man with the Blue Guitar
We Shall All Be Healed   >   A newbie's interpretation of The Mountain Goats' We Shall All Be Healed
A Few No-Fee Manhattan Landlords Online   >   Links to six websites of landlords who rent directly.
Brooklyn realtors   >   Realtors in Brooklyn I found
Seattle's Best Sandwich Shops   >   Sandwich lovers, take heart -- Seattle isn't the wasteland it first appears to be.
Wealth B*kk*k*   >   A parody of, and homage to, WealthBondage.com
RFS (proce55ing applet)   >   RFS: random squiggly lines
nisms (proce55ing applet)   >   nisms: Hungry boids in a petri dish.
Stars (processing applet)   >   My first processing applet.
Wonder Twin Powers   >   My first Flash animation.
How Ikuku Learned the Alphabet   >   A satirical short story.
The Jesus Lizard   >   Written for my depressed friends.
Some book reviews   >   . . . from rather a long time ago.

The Hotel Eden   >   A poem by Spencer Short.
To Autumn   >   A poem by Louise Gluck
Oak Leaves are Hands   >   A poem by Wallace Stevens
A Fishing Song   >   a poem by James Wright
The Singing   >   A poem by C. K. Williams
Young apple tree, December   >   A poem by Gail Mazur
Winter Fear   >   A poem by Kay Ryan
No Possum, No Sop, No Taters   >   A poem by Wallace Stevens.
The Shape of the Fire   >   a poem by Theodore Roethke.
Outtakes from the Blue Guitar   >   Verses cut from "The Man with the Blue Guitar"
The Man With the Blue Guitar   >   Famous poem of 33 cantos by Wallace Stevens.
Dream Song #279   >   by John Berryman
First Warmth and As You Leave the Room   >   Two poems by Wallace Stevens.
Words for Love   >   A poem by Ted Berrigan.
Horace: two translations   >   Two translations of Horace's ode iii.30, Exegi monumentum aere perennius.
Onions   >   A small anthology of poems about onions by Wislawa Szymborska, Pablo Neruda, Robert Hass, and others.
Underneath (9)   >   A poem by Jorie Graham.
Food Poetry   >   Two poems about food.
Fragment   >   A poem by John Ashbery.
Prospect Park and Another Poet Named David   >   Two poems by David Schubert.
Home   >   A poem by Laura Mullen.
Your Hair Full of Hours and Todesfugue   >   Two poems by Paul Celan.
Assorted Poems by John Berryman   >   Despair, On Suicide, and a couple Dream Songs.
A Procession at Candlemas   >   A poem by Amy Clampitt.
Annunciations   >   A poem by Geoffrey Hill.
About Face and Sculpture Garden   >   Two poems by Mark Levine.
The Lilies Break Open Over the Dark Water   >   A poem by Mary Oliver.
Poppies in October and Lady Lazarus   >   Two poems by Sylvia Plath.
Skunk Hour and Child's Song   >   Two poems by Robert Lowell.
Directive   >   A poem by Robert Frost.
Wanting to Die   >   A poem by Anne Sexton.
Autumn Day   >   A poem by Rilke.
Cotton Flannelette   >   A poem by Les Murray.
Trip   >   A poem by James Schuyler.
No Delicacies   >   A poem by Ingeborg Bachmann.
The Wild Iris   >   A poem by Louise Gluck.
The Work   >   A poem by Allen Grossman.

Tilapia   >   I could eat this one every day.
Seared Tuna with Coldbuster Salad   >   A tasty treat for those special occasions when you only have 15 minutes to cook dinner.
Mango Curry   >   Based on a recipe from one of A.'s coworkers.
Vegan Eggplant Congee   >   A nourishing, peculiarly tasty dish.
Faux Wild Ginger Tuna Bruschetta   >   A household favorite recipe.

Short stories
Cookies.txt   >   Sudden fiction by Eleanor Rigby
The Inverted Forest   >   A story by JD Salinger.
A Simple Heart   >   A short story by Gustave Flaubert.

Site features
Pomme Frites sauce taste test   >   An excuse to eat lots and lots of fries.
Wish   >   In lieu of an Amazon Wish List.
Links   >   Links to sites I like
About   >   About Miranda
Book list   >   A subset of recent books I have read.
Poetry Contest   >   The first and only Geegaw.com poetry contest.
Comics links   >   My bookmarks on comics.
Music collection   >   An outdated list of my favorite bands.
African-American lit   >   A few books I liked or want to read.
FAQ   >   Questions about this site that were asked frequently in 1999.
Defunct mix tape offer   >   A long time ago, I didn't have a CD burner.

Song lyrics
Julie Doiron   >   A couple songs by Julie Doiron.
Flying a Kite   >   Lyrics to a song by Joanna Newsom
Zanzabar   >   Rough transcription of one of the songs from The Lonely Island
Ka-Blamo and Stork Patrol   >   Transcriptions of two music videos by The Lonely Island.